Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Start This Shit Out...

... literally. For those who don't know, I'm living in the Luther House for the foreseeable future. Theoretically, it's a lovely place: it's on High Street, between FroYo World and Ay Salsa, and everyone living here is wonderfully friendly. Aside from the shooting that happened across the street earlier this month, it's all good. Or so I thought until the second floor toilet mysteriously clogged earlier this evening, and poo-water started leaking through the ceiling into the worship space (where we were eating dinner and drinking). HOORAY MONDAY. For photos, see Brede's facebook. Also of note, there's a poster in the worship space of the painting The Prodigal Son. I defy you to look at this and not think of blowjobs (or B.L.O.W.J.O.B.S.). AND it's in the WORSHIP ROOM. YOU GUYS, I DO NOT BELONG IN A HOUSE THAT HAS A WORSHIP ROOM.

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