Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

So....I may or may not have spent all morning pretending to be a lesbian for my job. I don't think I'm allowed to share much else (hence the ever so witty subject line), but let's just say it's for SCIENCE (cue Bill Nye's "Science rules!" -- or just watch the embedded youtube video).

Otherwise, for anybody who's interested in the excitement that is the life of Thanh, I'm still in New Haven up on Science Hill partying it up until July when I leave for Baltimore! I'm actually headed there this weekend to visit my sister and go car shopping (AHHHH), and maybe see A J if he's free (ruh-roh). Also, for you young'ns, don't be me, and apply for a credit card NOW so you can start building your credit. Otherwise, you may end up running home to your parents with your tail tucked between your legs, begging them to co-sign with you. Anyway, if anybody's in town and wants to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Caroline, Lucas, and me, give one of us a ring!

Annnd, back to work. Peace out, team.


  1. hey, add an rss feed, punks

  2. Do we get to know why you were a lesbian yet?