Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I have 18 roommates

So I very recently moved into a new apartment, with lots of Japanese roommates.  It's a "share house" which is basically a college dorm for big people.  But I only moved in 1.5 days before I left Japan for the week I spent in the States, so I hadn't yet met most of the roomies very much.

But as today was a national holiday, many of the roomies decided to get bellig.  So I got home from class, passed out by 5 pm due to mega jetlag, and woke up around 10 or 11 pm to find a party in my house.  They shared the shochu (vodka, ish) and whiskey liberally, but basically everyone else had a fairly low alcohol tolerance so there were a lot of red faces.

Gaydar is culturally subjective.  In the states, I have surprisingly good gaydar.  If I can tell at all, I usually pick up on the 'mo vibe upon the first eye-contact when meeting someone new.  This is not necessarily true in Japan, in large part because much of the hip/fashionable clothing for young men would be effeminate--dare I say fabulous--by our standards.

I probably shouldn't drink this.  But they were all out of GAY TEA, so I made do.

One of my housemates, Mochi, is cute as a button and flirtatious with anything that moves and basically a Japanese version of my roommate Kelvin.  I had been wondering about him, but as the drinks kept pouring themselves the following happened:

Mochi: I want to study English so I can meet a good guy.  I just want Zak Efron to touch me.  I'd say "No Zak, no!" but really I would want it.
Erriot: Oh, so you're gay.
Mochi: Who told Erriot I was gay?!

Lolwut.  This was not the first loaded-with-gayness thing he said, but it was definitely the most unmistakable.

Also, everyone in the house has vomit-inducingly cute nicknames.  Like, Okazaki Hiroyuki goes by Okapi.  His bestie Ogawa Chihiro goes by Ogachi.  I swear that Okapi and Ogachi are different evolved stages of a pokemon.

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